Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Boys

I have two boys and they have uncommon names. Nothing unusual, difficult or strange though. My older boy, his  name is very famous actually. But I haven't heard too many others with that same name. My Lil' boy's name is not as famous as his brother's. But also rare and not very common.

People always compliment my boys' names b/c they are not traditional names. I often get asked how did I come up with their names. Well, I didn't do any extensive  research or think too hard. I didn't have the name program then. I certainly didn't make up the names, as the names are already in existence. It's just.... that these names just popped in my head, and I thought "wow, that's a nice name!". So there we have it! That's how I got the names for my awesome boys :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My name. My nickname. My AKA.

My birth name is different from my nickname. My nickname means beloved, dear, or wine. To me sometimes it means too common, too plain, to ordinary or something that people can make fun of! In school, boys would say "Cherieeeee la la la la" or "My Cherie Amor" and laughed when I walked by. I also was called "Sherry Baby". Then people spell it differently...Sheree, Sherri, Sherry, Sherry, Sheri, Shari, Sharie, Shari, Cherie, Cherry, Cheri. Some peopl would say "you mean like WINE??" I began to hate it as much as my real name. How did I get my nick name? Well, it's simple really....when I was in the 7th grade, no one can pronounce my birth certificate name. So my friend and I went to the library and I closed my eyes and pick out a name. Guess what I picked??

I learned to love my names, both birth name and nick name, when my college professor asked me how to pronounce my name on the student roster. I reluctant to say it so I said "My name is Sherry. You can call me Sherry." She looked at the roster and replied "well, it doesn't say Sherry here. Can you please say your name for me?". So I did. She said "WOW! That is beautiful, as beautiful as Sherry." Then she made the class learn my name before they can call me Sherry. I was so impressed that she cared enough to learn my birth name! and complimented my nickname. From that point on, I would tell people my real name and then tell them my nick name. Whichever name they feel comfortable with it's fine with me. I love my names now! You are probably wondering what's my birth name is, right? Well, that shall remain a mystery for now....until next blog....maybe :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working on it.....

Please accept my apologies, with my children returning back to school and adjusting to new schedules, I haven't gotten around to finishing this website. I am working on it and will be adding more names and information. Thank you for those who have been visiting:) Have a blessed day